About me

I am Attorney Jakub L. Szypulka, and I am pleased to be able to introduce myself to you here.

Lawyer Jakub L. Szypulka in work clothes

I am born in Poland and moved to Germany with my family at a young age. My life experience so far is characterized by the following three areas:

  1. I am a registered in Germany Lawyer, who will help you with all questions about German law.
  2. i am more professional Software Developer (Full Stack) with special experience in the area of Legal-Tech Tools, and for several years as a co-founder of the Codefy Ltd working in Heidelberg.
  3. I've been fascinated by since childhood foreign languages. I can communicate in the following foreign languages, both written and spoken: German, Polish, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic (MSA, Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi dialect), Chinese (Mandarin, HSK4).

Legal career

I have law at the Ruprecht Karls University in beautiful Heidelberg educated.

My student days were characterized by a particularly large number stays abroad from which I used for language learning.

I was a scholarship holder Academic Foundation of the german people.

my Legal clerkship I graduated from the District Court of Dortmund.

software development

My Both parents are Computer scientist. That's why this topic runs in our family's blood. I was very interested in computers as a child and teenager.

I program these days at the level of a professional full-stack programmer.

The focus of my work is on the development of complex web-based applications.

I have experience in the backend- Technologies Rust, node.js, Python and the administration of Linux-based servers.

in the front end I am competent in HTML, CSS and Javascript and typically use the React framework for frontend development.

In addition, I have experience in design from easy-to-use user interfaces and common software development methods such as so-called agile software development.

foreign languages


Polish is one of my two native languages.

During the entire 13 years that I completed my German school career, I attended the Polish school at the Polish Consulate in Cologne once or twice a week in the afternoon.


During my school years 2008-2009 I spent a year at a high school in the United States in the US state of Missouri.

My entire work as a software developer is usually in English, even if only German employees are involved.


During my studies, I studied for a year with the ERASMUS program at the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole in southern France.

The course there was in French and I successfully completed a program on EU law.


After my time in France, I did a legal internship with a Mexican criminal lawyer in the cities of Pachuca and Tulancingo in the Mexican state of Hidalgo.

There I got to know the legal vocabulary in Spanish in particular.


I spent several months in Novosibirsk in Siberia in central Russia through the student organization AIESEC.

Here it was helpful that I already knew a Slavic language with my mother tongue Polish.

Russian was my first language with a non-Latin alphabet.


Around the same time as the refugee crisis broke out in 2015, I spent a year in the Egyptian capital Cairo. There I first attended courses at the local branch of the French Sorbonne University in Paris, but then switched to the Arabic-speaking University of Cairo for the second semester.

I attended very intensive language courses during my entire stay there. I first learned the Egyptian dialect, and then later standard Arabic with a special focus on the language of mass communication media (television etc.).

After my return to Germany, I started working as a volunteer interpreter the very day after my arrival. I mainly interpreted in refugee homes, but also sometimes for authorities and medical institutions and the police.

During this time I learned to understand the Syrian, Iraqi, and Palestinian dialects. I also have some experience with North West African dialects of Arabic such as Moroccan and Algerian, often using plain French in these cases.


Between my first and my second state law exam, I spent six months in the Chinese city of Hangzhou near Shanghai.

Before that, I had been preparing for the language on my own for about half a year.

I attended various language courses there and completed my training with a successful completion of the HSK4 language certificate.